KAUST Circular Carbon Initiative

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) strives to be a global leader, recognized for science and engineering excellence and its contribution to delivering effective solutions to national and global challenges. We seek also to be a catalyst for societal and economic change through serving as a beacon of knowledge that inspires the Kingdom and the world. We focus on excellence in science and engineering, recognized for quality, insight and ambition. We create impact through partnering with academia, industry and government to ensure the timely application of KAUST research for societal and economic benefit. We are passionate about what we do, considerate as to our time and place, and courageous in tackling the science and engineering problems that matter and their broad dissemination and application to address national and global needs in Water, Energy, Environment, Food & Health, and the Digital domain.


Since its inception in 2009, research into Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) technology solutions has been an integral part of KAUST’s portfolio, including CO2 capture, Nature-Based Solutions, Renewable Energy and CO2 utilization. With the recent launch of the KAUST Circular Carbon Initiative (CCI), we aim to connect more deeply the different strands of our CCE research, to create a strong and well-informed network of researchers at different career stages, to identify and seek to engage missing expertise and, last but not least, to proactively contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to implement a CCE National Program.


Five Key Research Thrusts

The KAUST CCI has been defined with the objective of filling this innovation gap through multidisciplinary work and in turn supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in championing their CCE program.
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