In September 2020, the G20 Energy Ministers pledged to endorse the Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) Platform as a tool to manage emissions and foster access to energy, acknowledging this Platform as a holistic, integrated, inclusive and pragmatic approach to managing emissions while providing new pathways toward economic diversification and growth for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since KAUST’s inception in 2009, research into CCE technological solutions has been an integral part of our portfolio, including CO2 Capture, Nature-Based Solutions, Renewable Energy, and CO2 Utilization.

With the launch of the KAUST Circular Carbon Initiative (CCI), we will connect more deeply the different strands of our CCE research to support the creation of a National Platform for the promotion, adoption and rapid deployment of CCE technological solutions. Please join us for this exciting launch event where we will showcase the work KAUST is doing to foster a more sustainable future and address the needs of Vision 2030.



Circular Carbon Initiative Launch
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