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The Gas Station of the Future

KAUST researchers are reusing CO2 in combination with green hydrogen to produce e-fuels that can be used for sustainable mobility, redefining CO2 as a valuable material. The conversion of renewable energy to formic acid, and catalysts that can turn CO2 into useful platform chemicals for fuels, such as methanol and syngas, can provide a blueprint for the gas station of the future. Green and blue ammonia are also explored as carbon-free fuels, and together with McLaren, we are exploring e-fuel formulations for Formula 1 cars.

Circular Carbon Initiative Lead

Jorge Gascon

Circular Carbon Initiative Lead, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Director of KAUST Catalysis Center

Aamir Farooq

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Andy Kuo-Wei Huang

Professor of Chemical Science

Kim Choon Ng

Professor of Environmental Science and Engineering

Mani Sarathy

Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Director of Clean Combustion Research Center

Matteo Parsani

Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science

William L. Roberts

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Clean Combustion Research Center