Edama Organic Solutions

Leading company developing organic waste recycling solutions designed specifically for desert climates conditions.


Our journey started in 2017 at KAUST, where we built our first composting pilot facility and since then we have been testing and improving our processes and products taking advantage of the scientific expertise of our team and the fantastic KAUST core-labs facilities.

In 2018, we won the SAAB-funded Taqadam accelerator program competition from a cohort of over 400 start-up teams from all across Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, we expanded our composting operations and established strong relationships with key stakeholders and customer segments. 

In 2020, we obtained our seed funding from the KAUST Innovation Fund and secured our first contract for design, build and operate a commercial-scale composting facility with recycling capacity of 5500 tonnes, which will become operational in Q1 2021.

We are now in negotiation with several potential clients including municipalities, farms and food processing industries to expand our operations in Riyadh, Dammam, NEOM, and to the rest of the MENA region.

Website: https://www.edamasolutions.com/

Research Interests

We engineer recycling processes and products adapted to local climate conditions, waste type ingredients and desert agriculture needs.

Leveraging our team’s scientific expertise and the KAUST Core Labs facilities, we developed proprietary: 

  • Input feedstock analysis protocols and compost recipes that allow us to maintain stable final compost properties while allowing for flexibility in waste inputs 

  • Composting processes with reduced water use and cycle times that perform best in hot, arid climate conditions with ultra-high temperatures

  • Treatments for recycling challenging local waste feedstocks, such as date palm fronds

  • Quality assurance schemes to ensure our products deliver stable benefits to address local farmers’ needs