Advanced Desert Greenhouses


Iyris Advanced Desert Greenhouses are the leading agriculture glazing specialists in the Middle East, offering custom solutions for enhanced desert crop production.

Research Interests

Iyris was founded in the desert by an international team of technology and farming experts. Our mission is to create environments that make sustainable, local and fresh food a viable reality for the >1 billion people living in desert regions. Traditional horticulture and greenhouse design is based around colder, wetter, more northern climates. It is not fit for desert environments. Iyris has rethought the greenhouse environment from scratch. We focused first on the glass. This includes integration of solar energy and optics technology. We underpinned this with an advanced sensor and analytics system. We then integrated this into our ever-advancing greenhouses designs and worked closely with regional experts to include cooling and growing technologies, optimised for the desert. Every single piece of technology we use is constantly being trialled, tested and refined so that we can model and design the most sustainable, productive greenhouse solution for both the crop and the location.

Website: https://www.iyris.com/